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The Mining Chemistry Plant

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Vladimir Akchurin

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Aeroflex (CO,US) and ISS Reshetnev Company

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Boondocks of Zheleznogorsk

Х Photos of The Mining Chemistry Plant

Х The accident at MAYAK complex

Х Christmas in Zheleznogorsk

Х Krasnoyarsk 26 (old photos)

Х The Museum of the Mining Chemistry Plant

Х Siberians in France

Х The City Museum of Zheleznogorsk

Х The Zoo in Zheleznogorsk

Х Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region

Х Krasnoyarsk, the city on banks of Yenisei river

Х The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore

Х Podgorny, Krasnoyarsk region


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Children and veterans

Children and veterans

Young citizens of Zheleznogorsk.

Surrounded by particular warmth and care they are very different from children of their age from other cities.

They are self-assured and emotial, well-educated and intelligent.

The unique children institutions, clubs, stadiums, and parks are at their disposal.

Our children are our future and hope. Without the development of creative abilities the child will never become a spaceman, or a constructor, or a physicist...

The unique methods applied at the children institutions of the town help to develop the abilities and talents of each child.

Children and veterans

Most of those who had come here in 1954 have resigned their jobs by now. But our vetirans are active people, they join clubs, participate in varios movements, work in the Veterans Council. The times now are extremly difficult for our fathers and grandfathers, but they are strong and enduring people. Let us hope that they will stand it. The annual parade celebrating the Victory Day takes place at the Victory Square. In 1980, on the 35 year anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War a monument had been erected in memory of the dead and glory of the living. The traditions do not die, and the courage and heroism retain their qualities under all governments.

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