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Х Photos of The Mining Chemistry Plant

Х The accident at MAYAK complex

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Х Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region

Х Krasnoyarsk, the city on banks of Yenisei river

Х The Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local Lore

Х Podgorny, Krasnoyarsk region


Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region

Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region

The city of Sosnovoborsk is situated between the Zheleznogorsk closed area and Krasnoyarsk, near the bank of Yenisei river. The current Sosnovoborsk population is over 30,000 people.

1. A street near the central square of Sosnovoborsk.

Sosnovoborsk Krasnoyarsk region

2. New houses, where the people live, on the entrance of Sosnovoborsk.


3. The interior in the Baptist Church in Sosnovoborsk.

the Baptist Church in Sosnovoborsk

4. The Baptist Church in Sosnovoborsk.

Baptist Church

5. The Orthodox Church in Sosnovoborsk.

The Orthodox Church in Sosnovoborsk

6. The Orthodox Church in Sosnovoborsk.

The Orthodox Church in Sosnovoborsk

7. The Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Church

8. In the city of Sosnovoborsk.


9. The former hospital, which after the reconstruction, is the house, where the people live now.


10. Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region.

Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk region

11. Sosnovoborsk: the Park of Victory in the Second World War (1939-1945).


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