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The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics

Federal State Unitary Enterprise The academician M.F. Reshetnev's Research and Production Association of Applied Mechanics (NPO PM):

52 Lenina, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsky Krai, Russia, 662972.


at present time:

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The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics

The planet of Earth... Flying like a great spaceship through enormous distances of remote and enchanting space. To solve the endless mysteries of space is an undying ambition of all people of Earth.

It is difficult to believe that one of the mightiest tools of human intelligence pointed towards the mysteries of space is to be found in the heart of Siberia forests. The scientifically based Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics is a leading Russian company in the field of space systems dealing with communication, television, navigation and land-surveying.

75% of all artificial satellites that had ever been launched on orbit in Russia had passed through the gates of the "enterprise of celestial mechanics".

The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics

In 1958 the Government had decided to build a great industrial enterprise for creating and testing of the modern technique used in the field of space research.

The SRE AM had been founded in April 1959. Sergei P. Korolev had recommended Michael F. Reshetnev - Chief Constructor and Chief Director of the enterprise, to be appointed as the Head of the new-born industry.

On 18 August, 1964, the first location test of a space bearer carrying three artificial Earth satellites had taken place here. The first "Moscow-Vladivostok" translations had started m 1965. A nation-wide TV-distributing system, which had no analogies in the \vorld, had been created and tested by a group of engineers. Every new step in space had been turning out to be a new and major achievement in space technique, electronics, instrument-making, automatics.

The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics

The SRE AM had fulfilled more than 30 space programs, including: "Lightning-1", "Rainbow", "Horizont", "Screen", "Ray", "Screen-M", "Radio", "Cicada", "Glonass", ;"Etalon".

The enterprise can maintain and carry out whole projects: from general administration to designing and engineering the satellite system and space apparatus along with their manufacturing, testing and launching into space, and maintaining the flight control.

The enterprise had been decorated with two orders. The samples of its production have been successfully demonstrated at various exhibitions in Russia, as well as in Germany, France, and South Corea.

Though headed towards space problems, the enterprise manages to stand firmly on the ground. It manufactures moto-delta planes, overlooks, vacuum crumblers for the food industry.

Assimilation of space guarantees the peaceful and prosperous existence of humanity. It is impossible to overestimate the value of space programs. There is nothing like space to show the breath-taking range of human abilities, the greatness of Man.

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